Oscar, a New York City-based health insurtech company, announced it has partnered with MercyOne health system to offer Oscar’s individual and family health insurance plans in 23 counties in Iowa beginning in 2021, pending regulatory approval. These health plans are anticipated to be sold on the federal health insurance exchange, with coverage to begin on Jan. 1. “As part of our commitment to improve the access and availability of health care services to Iowans and to adopt more contemporary approaches to achieve our goal of providing personalized and radically convenient care to Iowans, we are pleased to be part of this innovative partnership with Oscar to provide even more local health insurance options,” said Bob Ritz, MercyOne president and CEO. “As evidenced in this pandemic, a focus on health and wellness is critical. We believe all should have access to affordable care as part of our commitment to the well-being of people.” The plans will provide affordable access to MercyOne’s comprehensive medical services across all major specialty areas of care, the organizations said. MercyOne officials said the health system will continue to work with other health insurance companies.