BrokerTech Ventures announced on Sept. 30 the addition of its newest broker partner, UNICO Group, based in Lincoln, Neb. The new partner brings BrokerTech’s portfolio up to 15 of the most sizable and innovative brokerage firms in North America, according to a release. UNICO Group’s services include business, personal and telecommunications insurance as well as financial services. “BTV’s dedication to innovation and technology aligns with our future-focused drive and motivation. We were humbled by the invitation from such well-respected firms and are energized to begin working together on this new opportunity for the benefit of those we serve,” said Ric Stoakes, UNICO executive vice president and risk consultant.

BrokerTech is also expanding its international reach by partnering with the newly formed LATAM (Latin American) Accelerator. BrokerTech’s leadership team will provide guidance and advice to the LATAM team, headed by Pablo Duarte and Hilario Itriago Co-Founders of Insurt3ch and NetBrokrs. “A rich history of brokerage exists in all our countries across the region, and at this crucial time in our industry’s transformation, it is more important than ever to bring broker-centric innovation and investment,” Itriago said. “We are to be the firsts in Latin America with this approach, and in doing so, we hope to spark great participation in BTV LATAM.” At the InsureTech Connect event in Las Vegas on Wednesday, BrokerTech was scheduled to host its own breakout event called BrokerTech Connect aimed at helping “agencies and brokers thrive in the new digital first, tech-enabled reality.”