Des Moines-based technology and marketing collective Anthologic has acquired Flatout, a company specializing in brand imaging. Anthologic is a privately owned group of companies, now including Flatout, that combines the specialized services of each company to serve businesses’ marketing and technology needs. Other members of the collective are Performance Marketing, Shift Interactive, Blue Traffic and Vector Haus. (Learn more about all the companies on Anthologic’s website.)

Flatout was founded in 2011 and has offices in Des Moines, Grimes and Atlanta, Ga. It currently serves clients in the automotive, pharmaceutical and communications markets with resources for customer engagement and program management. “There is a tremendous growth opportunity with Flatout joining our Anthologic family,” Kevin Lentz, president and CEO of Anthologic, said in a release. “The services Flatout provides supports our overall strategy and it allows us to build even deeper relationships with our current and future clients.”