innovationIOWA is an extension of the Des Moines Business Record that fuels Iowa’s innovative spirit through coverage of Iowa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in an annual publication, weekly e-newsletter and ongoing coverage in the Business Record.

In 2013, the Business Record launched innovationIOWA magazine, an annual statewide magazine that aimed to spotlight and champion the state’s innovative companies and the technological achievements across an array of diverse industries.

As the infrastructure surrounding the entrepreneurial ecosystem has matured, and as the pace of technological change has accelerated, we recognized an increased need to help businesses adapt to change, capitalize on new opportunities and stay informed. In addition, Iowa’s mature, staple industries such as finance, insurance, health care, manufacturing and agriculture are innovating, adapting and being faced with technological disruptions that provide new opportunities for long-term growth.

The future is full of possibilities, opportunities and challenges, and our goal is to use the innovationIOWA platform to expose business leaders to the latest innovations in a rapidly evolving world, as well as to connect, forge and foster relationships within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and ultimately elevate the profile of Iowa’s innovative people, businesses and ideas.