Calling all Disney Pixar fans – this one’s for you. “Purl,” created by Pixar’s SparkShorts Artists Projects division, explores what happens when a young, enthusiastic ball of yarn finds she doesn’t fit into her new high-powered, male-centric workplace. “You’re being too soft. We gotta be aggressive!” a B.R.O. team member tells Purl early on. Purl […]

West Des Moines-based Midwest Growth Partners, a private equity fund funded in 2013, has raised $113.5 million for a second fund, the organization announced on Monday. Twenty-six investors have invested in Midwest Growth Partners II LP, which will bring total private capital managed by the organization to more than $154 million. The second fund will […]

Ag Startup Engine at the Iowa State University Research Park has announced an initial seed investment of $50,000 in Chicago-based ClearFlame Engines – a company integrating low-carbon alternative fuels into diesel engines uses a high-temperature combustion process. ClearFlame Engines is the first company outside of Iowa to join the Ag Startup Engine Fund portfolio, which […]

Des Moines businessman Chris Draper will be one of 25 individuals in Venture University’s third VC investor cohort, the trade school announced on Wednesday. Draper will serve as a VC Investor apprentice focused on emerging technology startups in Chicago and the broader midwest. He will remain as managing director of Des Moines startup Trokt during […]

Established in 2003, the state’s venture capital initiative “Iowa Fund of Funds” is slowly winding down after the Iowa Executive Council voted 4-0 to dissociate the fund with its governing entities, reports the Cedar Rapids Gazette. The program, which was managed under the private, not-for-profit Iowa Capital Investment Corp. and a state Capital Investment Board, is […]

In early 2017, Des Moines investment professionals David Miles and Matthew Kinley partnered to launch ManchesterStory Group. The new venture capital firm has established a foothold with initial investments in the insurance technology sector, along with an eye on promising financial technology and health care technology startups. In less than two years, the West Des […]