Gross-Wen Technologies Inc., which commercializes an algal wastewater treatment developed at Iowa State University, accepted a $2 million investment from engineering firm Doerfer Corporation, GWT announced on Wednesday. The company expects to hire up to four more positions with the funds, including a vice president of operations, and sales and operations staff.

GWT developed the Revolving Algal Biofilm Treatment System to remove nitrogen, phosphorus and other pollutants from municipal and industrial wastewaters. GWT demonstrated proof of concept in Iowa pilot-projects, as well as with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. “The commercial-scale module we installed in Chicago can treat over 100,000 gallons daily. And, this spring, we entered into a contract with the City of Cresco, Iowa for a commercial test module that treats approximately 50,000 gallons daily,” GWT Founder and President Dr. Martin Gross said.