VENTUREBEAT: Imagine opening your mailbox and receiving a paper deed, proclaiming your legal ownership to every piece of digital, medical and locational data you have ever generated. Now imagine that paper deed has the blockchain technology behind it to allow you to protect or lease that data to any organization seeking its use. A new app out by is claiming to do just that for users who download the #My31 app starting today on Google Play. Call me skeptical – I’m not sold on how their process is supposed to work. How useful will a data deed actually be? How will I benefit from a couple of HuBucks? Of course, it’s also an exciting promise to keep watch over. 

IN OTHER NEWS: Researchers halt fatal genetic disease in dogs using CRISPR (Digital Trends); the Wayback Machine’s archive of web pages ruled legitimate legal evidence in U.S. court (the Register); Walmart introduces $1 chocolate “Bitcoin” (Bitcoinist).