Des Moines payments fintech Dwolla appointed Brady Harris as the company’s CEO, just over a month after founder Ben Milne announced he would be seeking a new person to take on the role. Harris formerly was president of Payscape, a payment processing fintech platform in Atlanta. 

Milne will remain with the company as a member of the board and a “free agent” inside the company, he noted on his personal blog

“Dwolla is built on a powder keg of opportunity that is still largely untapped,” Milne said in a statement on Monday. “With his extensive background and innumerable successes in the payments industry, Brady is the right person to lead the industry into the next era of programmable payments.” 

At Payscape, Harris oversaw the recent merger with Payroc to create a full-service payment platform that now operates in 46 countries, with 13 global offices. Harris previously spent 16 years at Eliot Management Group, including three years as president. 

Dwolla currently supports more than $10 billion a year in gross payment volume, and in the fourth quarter of 2019 onboarded nearly 1 million new end-users to the platform, the company said in a statement.