innovationENTREPRENEUR of the Year: Kevin Maher

founder & CEO, VetMeasure

Kevin Maher, the 2021 innovationENTREPRENEUR of the Year, founded VetMeasure Inc. in September 2015 to develop wearable technology supporting veterinary medicine.

Located in the Iowa State University Research Park, the company launched its flagship product, the MeasureON! smart harness for dogs, designed to help veterinarians monitor hospitalized patients that experienced complications during surgery, heart arrhythmia patients and patients with existing health conditions that undergo surgery. Maher, who has spent more than 30 years in the animal health care industry, previously launched the software-as-a-service company GlobalVetLink, a cloud-based platform managing veterinary document creation, storage and transportation. Maher shared his perspective on leading as an entrepreneur with the Business Record.

What drives you as an entrepreneur?
By acting on my creative talents to solve animal health issues with innovative solutions that may have a global impact on animal health.

How do you define innovation in your career?
First-to-market innovative technology introductions that gained traction and resulted in a profitable and successful business.

How do leaders effectively guide a team through times of uncertainty?
Remain confident in the business and lead the team through uncertainty by guiding them through problem-solving solutions that are team-building and supportive. Examples include guidance through challenges of technology development, market introduction, solving funding needs, etc.

Where are the opportunities for growth in your industry?
Collaboration within multiple segments of the animal health industry and veterinary medicine, where innovation that my companies have created may address additional needs and species within their client and species specialty.

What is one lesson from your career that you would share with new entrepreneurs?
Become an active member in national associations within your market and specialty that you have a passion for serving – bringing innovation to meet their membership’s key needs and opportunities.