The Iowa State University Startup Factory announced nine new cohort companies for the 2021 program. Cohort X entrepreneurs are Ruben Aria (company unnamed), Jared Dopp (Frugi Biotechnology), Allison Hockey (Lineage Mapper), Nacu Hernandez, Baker Kuehl and Austin Homann (MacroLei Technologies), Nathaniel Kallmyer (Zymosense), Katherine Richardson Bruna (Mosquitoes & Me), Aaron Rosenberg (Rosenberg Solutions), Shan Jiang, Yifan Li and Rebecca Mort (Stratified Surface Solutions) and Neda Sanatkaran (Nistron LLC). In May, Hannah Kirkendall joined Startup Factory and the partner program Iowa G2M Accelerator as program manager. Kirkendall previously worked as lead operations associate with Techstars Iowa and Techstars Anywhere, and has worked in program management with nonprofits in Portland, Ore.