In a funding round led by Craft Ventures and including at least eight other investors, Des Moines computer vision company Roboflow announced in a blog post that it raised $20 million. The raise comes after Roboflow garnered $2.1 million from a seed round in January. “Computer vision is one of those foundational technologies that – like the personal computer and smartphone – will transform every industry. Computer vision enables software to directly interface with every part of the world around us, unleashing a Cambrian explosion of new possibilities. It’s helping us merge the physical and digital worlds.” Roboflow CEO Joseph Nelson said in the blog. More than 50,000 developers have built projects with Roboflow so far, including employees of more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. The startup also launched Roboflow Universe last month, which is an open source platform where anyone can share their computer vision datasets and pre-trained models globally.