John Deere announced Oct. 26 that it is partnering with Iowa State University to help U.S. farmers feed the world and fuel sustainability, the Quad Cities Regional Business Journal reported. Through the strategic partnership, Moline, Ill.-based Deere & Co. and ISU will establish a demonstration site consisting of four fields and processes that will enable Deere to test sustainable practices for large grain production systems in real-world scenarios, the global agriculture, forestry and turf equipment manufacturer said in a news release.

“Farmers are working in constantly changing environments where every decision will impact their end result, which means they can’t afford to adopt experimental practices that aren’t proven to deliver the yield they anticipate,” said Jill Sanchez, director of sustainability at John Deere. “This demonstration farm, in partnership with ISU, allows us to experience the same uncertainties and challenges as our customers, so that we can test and identify which methods are successful, and deliver proven, innovative and sustainable solutions to farmers.”

Over a five-year production cycle, four different crop production systems will be implemented, the Deere release said. The data and insights collected will measure crop productivity, economic cost of production, soil health, water quality, carbon intensity and biodiversity.