The Technology Association of Iowa has announced its state and federal principles and priorities for the 2023 legislative year. TAI’s legislative priorities for 2023 are:

  • Connectivity: Facilitate high-performance internet connectivity using the best available technologies for all Iowans.
  • Cybersecurity: Build awareness of known and emerging cyber threats and incentivize smart cybersecurity practices to protect Iowans and their data.
  • Data privacy: Standardize data privacy policies, ensuring Iowans have access to and control of their personal data.
  • Business growth: Support funding for programs that drive growth and innovation within Iowa businesses and communities, including the Iowa Economic Development Authority and its Angel Investor and Innovation tax credits.
  • State and federal funds: Ensure TAI is a recognized stakeholder in state and federal appropriations for technology investments.

TAI’s principles for 2023 include championing policies that attract human and financial capital to Iowa and ensuring Iowa’s K-12 and college education systems prepare Iowa students for successful high-tech careers. More information is available on TAI’s website. TAI’s Legislative Launch event will be held on Feb. 8 in Des Moines.