Bristola, an Iowa-based clean energy technology services company, announced the week of Jan. 9 that it closed a $1.1 million follow-on equity investment. The company raised a seed round investment of $400,000 in Q3 2022.

“Our company continues to experience rapid growth and this additional investment will assist us in scaling up our operations,” Jared Burma, Bristola CEO said in a news release.

Headquartered in Des Moines, Bristola’s patented technology is known as the Submersible Robotic Cleaning System. It provides service, cleaning and maintenance for renewable energy anaerobic digesters, which are sealed, oxygen-free tanks designed for the anaerobic digestion of sewage or other organic waste by microorganisms. Anaerobic digesters are typically used for waste disposal or energy production.

According to a news release, Bristola will use the additional funding to hire additional staff, file additional patents, and increase deployments of commercial systems to anaerobic digester operations, owners and project developers nationwide.