The Liechtenstein Group, an international group of companies and investment platform owned by the Foundation Prince Liechtenstein, is making a lead investment in PowerPollen’s next funding round of $24.4 million. PowerPollen, based in Ames, has developed a pollination technology that collects and preserves pollen for up to four years. It can then be applied at the optimal time and under ideal conditions, which results in better pollination and higher crop yields. “With the new financing, we’ll continue to advance our technology, aided by the expertise and global network of the Liechtenstein Group,” Todd Krone, co-founder and CEO of PowerPollen, said in a prepared statement. Having proven its technology in corn and wheat crops, PowerPollen has also entered a joint venture with RiceTec Inc., a portfolio company of the Liechtenstein Group, to develop and commercialize pollination technology for rice. The collaboration, named PowerPollen Rice, aims to develop better hybrid rice pollination systems to increase sustainable production and global rice value. Hybrid rice has a 20% or higher yield rate over conventional varieties. According to a news release, the research collaboration will result in commercialization of PowerPollen’s technology for rice seed production by 2027.