The new entity to operate as Shivvers Technology & Innovation Group

Shivvers Manufacturing Inc. announced June 7 its acquisition of Ames-based Haber Technologies, a startup that created a novel grain drying and automation technology. The new entity will operate as Shivvers Technology & Innovation Group (STIG), a news release said.

Shivvers Manufacturing, based in Corydon, about 70 miles southeast of Des Moines, is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of agricultural machinery with more than 55 years in the industry, specializing in grain drying technologies. 

“Through a joint and mutually beneficial decision, Shivvers and Haber are excited to partner and merge the reputation that Shivvers has built in the grain drying and handling industry with Haber’s passion for empowering and transformational technology to create STIG,” Carl Shivvers, president of Shivvers Manufacturing, said in a prepared statement. “Our mission at STIG is to get technology in the hands of as many farmers as possible to allow them to meet the challenges of a modern farming economy. This marriage allows the opportunity to build upon the synergies between Shivvers’ established drying solutions and the cutting-edge technology Haber already offers by way of real-time remote grain storage monitoring and automated conditioning, ultimately creating a more comprehensive solution for farmers.”

Haber Technologies was founded by Eric Harweger and Dillon Hurd, who developed a novel grain aeration and management solution and created the DRI-Stack system in 2018. The startup grew to serve farmers in 10 states before the acquisition. 

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