About three-quarters of women who work in computer programming and other computer-related jobs say they’ve experienced discrimination on the job, according to a new report released by the Pew Research Center and reported by Recode.

By comparison, 16 percent of men reported discrimination.

Respondents to a poll reported sexual harassment, pay disparity and other discrimination.

The results come as part of a broader analysis of technology and science jobs known as STEM, or science, math, technology and engineering. Pew surveyed 2,344 people in these fields and found that fully half of women experienced discrimination.

Of the women working in STEM who said they faced discrimination, 29 percent said they earned less than a man doing the same job, while another 29 percent said they were treated as incompetent. 

People of color also reported problems. The survey found about 62 percent of blacks in STEM fields reported racial discrimination. That figure was 44 percent among Asians and 42 percent among Hispanics.