The Iowa Restaurant Association reports that many of us, especially millennials, often choose restaurants based on their online menus. But when we get to the place, we want to be able to discuss our order with a human rather than an iPad. The National Restaurant Association found that for 60 percent of patrons looking for restaurants, the availability of an online menu was the difference-maker. Among millennials, that figure rose to 74 percent. Among Gen Xers, 68 percent thought online menus were the key. Half of baby boomers agreed. In addition, online reviews were a big deal for 60 percent of adults. Still, nearly three-quarters, 74 percent, of respondents said it mucks up their restaurant experience if they can’t ask someone questions before ordering. “Given the demographics and culture of our state, most Iowa restaurants are taking a blended approach to integrating technology,” Jessica Dunker, president and CEO of the Iowa Restaurant Association, said in a statement. “Even mom-and-pop shops are taking strides to be intentional about their online presence, but the importance of real people making patrons feel welcome and cared for in the hospitality industry can never be replaced by a smartphone or tableside tablet.”