The Iowa Clinic was honored with the Drexel LeBow 2017 Analytics 50 award for its innovative data-driven approach to increasing adult vaccination rates. The national recognition of 50 industry innovators, presented by the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University in Philadelphia, annually recognizes companies that are using analytics to solve business challenges. Among the companies recognized this year were Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, Caterpillar and Adobe. Iowa Clinic physicians Christina Taylor, Melissa Linder and Barbara Hodne and their team were recognized for a collaborative project that increased the clinic’s pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination rate in the 65 and older group to 77 percent, a 21 percent increase. Every year, an estimated 1 million older adults contract pneumococcal pneumonia, and 5 to 7 percent will die, according to data from the AMGA Foundation.