A new venture capital firm co-led by former CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt will seek to invest in health care technology and service companies that deliver innovative care to urban, low-income populations, Modern Healthcare reported. The VC firm, Town Hall Ventures, will focus on building companies that provide higher-quality and lower-cost care for lower-income, underserved communities, particularly involving Medicare, Medicaid and complex care. The firm will be based in Minneapolis and New York. “As a nation we have significant health care infrastructure serving healthy populations while lower-income communities go underserved, leading to vastly poorer health outcomes,” Slavitt said in a news release. “We are at the beginning of a wave of innovation serving Medicare and Medicaid populations.” Partnering with Slavitt, who is group executive vice president of pharmaceutical company Optum, are Trevor Price, founder of Oxeon Holdings, a retained executive search and investment firm; and David Whelan, managing general partner of Town Hall’s predecessor firm, Oxeon Ventures.