Fareway is alerting current and former employees about a data security event after its payroll vendor PaperlessPay Corp. reported a server breach by an unauthorized individual. PaperlessPay notified Fareway on March 20 that an individual had accessed the server one month earlier, Feb. 18, which held data of current and former Fareway employees, according to a letter sent by Fareway to employees. PaperlessPay could not confirm whether Fareway’s employee data was accessed; the grocery chain is providing one year of identity monitoring at no cost to an unspecified number of current and former employees. PaperlessPay provides electronic pay stubs and W-2 tax forms to Fareway. “We take PaperlessPay Corporation’s data security event seriously and will continue to monitor and evaluate the vendor’s efforts to assure the continued security of our employee information. The third-party vendor’s data event did not involve any customer information as PaperlessPay Corporation does not have access to any of our customer records,” Fareway representatives said in a statement to the Business Record.