Alacriti, a financial technology company based in New Jersey, will partner with Iowa-based Veridian Credit Union to enable real-time payments over the Clearing House’s RTP network. Alacriti’s cloud-native program, Cosmos Payment Services, supports Fedwire payments as well as real-time transactions. Using Cosmos will help Veridian simplify operations by allowing access to multiple clearing and settlement networks from one platform and giving all members a faster way to securely move money. “This partnership is notable as it pairs Alacriti, Veridian Credit Union and their FinTech members together in the driver’s seat for the rapidly advancing real-time payments market,” Alacriti CEO Manish Gurukula said. “By leveraging our Cosmos Payment Services, Veridian will be able to quickly deploy their new payments infrastructure and start driving innovation on the RTP network this year.” Learn more.