IBI Scientific, a Dubuque-based manufacturer and international provider of life science research equipment and reagents, has launched its new specialty and custom blending department, allowing it to offer private-labeled, custom-blended chemicals. IBI expanded its Dubuque facility to include a state-of-the-art pure water system, sterile suite, anti-room and quality control lab. IBI Scientific now can special blend a wide variety of life science reagents and chemicals, including buffers, diluents and media. “As a proud member of the Iowa Biotechnology Association, IBI Scientific has expanded our facility … therefore greatly expanding our capabilities to better serve our state and private life science researchers and our commercial biotech companies dealing with plant, animal and human research and product production,” John Stork, co-owner of IBI Scientific, said in a prepared statement. “IBI Scientific is expanding and meeting the needs of Iowa companies requiring specialty custom reagent blending product.”