Following its expansion from three to 14 Midwest cities in 2023, Des Moines-based technology company Hummingbirds announced Wednesday that it has raised $3.3 million in seed funding that it plans to use to expand its online platform to more than 30 U.S. cities in 2024. The Des Moines-based technology company connects businesses with hyperlocal content creators known as “hummingbirds,” who receive perks for trying brands and sharing about their experience on social media. According to a news release, the fundraising round was led by Indianapolis-based venture capital firm Ground Game, with participation by Allos Ventures, FJ Labs, M25, Next Level Ventures, InnoVenture Iowa, ISA Ventures, Mango Seed Investments and several angel investors. Emily Steele, Hummingbirds CEO and co-founder, said in an email that the company is targeting its growth in select mid-sized cities around the U.S. with between 300,000 to 1 million employable people. In 2024, Steele said the company will also offer paid opportunities for some content creators as part of Hummingbirds’ vision of “community-led growth.” “Right now we offer campaigns where people post on social media to get perks, and that model works really well, but we have a plan around our tech to give more locals the opportunity to drive awareness for the brands in their own backyard and get rewarded for it,” Steele said.