Pinterest’s imminent IPO raises new questions about how big of a role the platform will play in the future of social commerce, reports Digiday. Pinterest positions itself as the ultimate discovery tool, but in order to get people to go from pinning to purchasing, Pinterest will need better commerce tools — and to convince more advertisers that it’s worthy of their time and budget. (Founder and CEO Ben Silbermann is a native Iowan, now based in San Francisco.)

IN OTHER NEWS: In the digital age, drunk shopping is not a well understood market. But Iowans taking part in the Hustle’s recent survey spend an average of $600 – $699 a year – outspending the rest of the midwest by $100 to $200 bucks (HUSTLE); Why stoicism speaks to the billionaire startup founder (NEW YORK TIMES); Housing Department slaps Facebook with discrimination charge (NPR).