Entering its third year of the program, Techstars Iowa has announced the members of its 2022 class, which started in Des Moines Monday. Daniel Pfeil is joining Techstars Iowa this year as an investment associate to help founders collaborate with investors, according to a news release.

Partners Grinnell University, the University of Iowa and Iowa State University, as well as Iowa mentors and investors, are supporting the program again this year.

Managing Director Kerty Levy said this year’s theme among the companies is how they all “represent technology that brings innovation to vital industries within the Midwest and beyond.” Technologies include machine learning, natural language processing, robotics and blockchain.

The 10 companies are:

  • Alvee, Florida. AI-driven tools to advance health equity and improve health outcomes.
  • Apsy, California. A next-gen platform to build apps using a combination of customers’ creative ideas and AI efficiency.
  • CAHill Tech, New York. Empowering construction workers with 24/7 mobile training tools in the palm of their hands.
  • Cambrian Protocol, California. Web3 community focused on decentralizing collaborative work using blockchain technology.
  • d20 Solutions, Iowa. Intuitive tools to empower truck drivers moving the logistics industry with data-driven insights.
  • DroneAdair, Wisconsin. Lifting drone operations to new heights.
  • Emigrait, Iowa. Forecasting consumer behavior in real estate.
  • InspectoBot, Florida. Automated structural inspection.
  • Sketchdeck.ai, Canada. Accelerating the pace of software automation in the construction industry.
  • Touca, California. Open source developer platform to help engineering teams continuously test their software for regressions.