Lingyao “Ivy” Yuan, an Iowa State University assistant professor of information systems and business analytics, is speaking at a webinar today about a Harvard Business Review article she co-wrote about the emergence of digital humans. The webinar is at 3:30 p.m., and registration is available through Indiana University. 

Yuan has been researching digital humans for the last seven years and wrote the article with colleagues to outline what companies should consider when thinking about making digital humans digital employees. Digital humans are AI-powered virtual human-like beings capable of conversation. 

“As we’re seeing with ChatGPT, new tech can be a disruptor,” Yuan said in a news release. “Companies need to discuss potential impacts and unintended outcomes before jumping into the decision of implementing digital humans. My colleagues and I want to be part of the discussion. We want to provide our insights on the future direction of AI.”

The article, “AI with a human face: The case for – and against – digital employees,” is available to download at a cost at this link.