The U.S. Department of Economic Administration has chosen the Center for Industrial Research and Service to continue its role in the national University Center program. According to a news release, the designation, along with a five-year grant, will provide CIRAS with the resources needed to enhance its support for Iowa’s construction industry. CIRAS will focus on four new activities to benefit the sector:

  • Perform a needs assessment to pinpoint the main challenges facing construction companies.
  • Identify key emerging technologies that could help address the challenges.
  • Organize events and demonstrations that bring together technology providers, construction engineers and industry leaders.
  • Develop a Construction 4.0 technology assessment tool to help companies understand the long-term impact of different technologies and stay informed about changes in the market.

CIRAS will add a strategic adviser with expertise in the construction industry to lead this effort, the release said. For more information, contact Leah Barton at