The Business Record recently hosted its 2024 Legislative Forecast event where business leaders discussed their group’s priorities for the 2024 session, which began Jan. 8. Mollie Ross, Technology Association of Iowa’s vice president of operations, was among the panelists. Here is some of what she shared about how TAI will navigate conversations around cybersecurity and artificial intelligence at the Capitol this session.

“In cybersecurity, we’re going to continue to talk about education and training, making sure companies across the state are kept aware and resources are available to train their team members, and resources are available to strengthen their cybersecurity practices and hopefully the state provides resources to do that.”

“AI is everywhere and part of every conservation. I don’t think the Iowa Legislature is going to avoid the conversation. Whether there will be any bill movement is yet to be seen. I know there are conversations being had. I think the important thing is we all can operate from a place of understanding. A lot of the conversation surrounding AI is fear based. I think it’s important we all … lean into the value AI brings and potential to our state, especially when we talk about a workforce shortage. I don’t know if legislation is coming, but starting from a point of definition is where we’re at and hoping to continue to have conversations with our legislators and work with our members who are working with AI and developing technologies like AI to come to a place of understanding before we make any sweeping change.”

Read more takeaways from the Legislative Forecast in the Jan. 19 edition of the Business Record.

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