A Des Moines-based initiative gives at-risk and refugee students their first boost inside STEM-based careers. Pi515 founder Nancy Mwirotsi is connecting Central Iowa students with sponsoring tech companies to teach STEM-related skills, including web/app development, robotics and financial literacy. The program gained 45 girls in the year’s first recruiting event, Mwirotsi said. Pi515 has already raised $15,000 […]

The National Farmers Union and the Natural Resources Conservation Service have developed a free tool to help farmers and ranchers improve soil conservation. The Resource Stewardship Evaluation Tool uses an evaluation to point landowners toward goals. Aaron Lehman, a fifth-generation family farmer in Polk County, was one of the first farmers in Iowa to test […]

Clay & Milk reports that Mediacom — one of the top 20 internet service providers in the country— supports bringing back net neutrality after the FCC overturned the regulations in December. But Mediacom’s Tom Larsen, the vice president of government and public relations, told Clay & Milk that inconsistencies on how the systems are treated can […]

Des Moines-based Trokt is sponsoring the first 16 teams that enter the Online Dispute Resolution Bowl, an online competition for anyone interested in solving “big picture” problems, reports Clay & Milk. The organizer is Sydney Moore, a senior Drake University law, politics and society major. The Online Dispute Resolution Bowl requires teams to complete different objectives […]