Iowa companies are going spatial with AR/VR technologies An eastern Iowa company uses virtual reality to show its clients 3D plant layouts to illustrate how its equipment will fit into their factory and improve workflows.  Another Iowa company uses a mobile virtual reality application to guide its customers through interactive troubleshooting sessions with equipment, reducing […]

Deere’s autonomous tractor designed for large-scale farming operations This year, Deere & Co. will begin producing a fully autonomous tractor designed for large-scale farming operations in its Iowa manufacturing facilities. And yes, it will be in John Deere green.  The tractors will come equipped with six pairs of cameras that provide a 360-degree view of […]

Education and workforce relationship drives nontraditional STEM education at DeltaV Code School Sihem Azibi will always remember the night she and fellow DeltaV Code School students stayed up past midnight polishing their project and presentation that was due to be presented to recruiters and local companies later that day. Everyone was choosing to be there, and […]

Iowa Media Co. brings its influence to Des Moines, other diverse businesses seek accessibility In 2017, an “influencer marketing company” was unheard of by the majority of people, but it’s what Iowa Media Co. co-founders Bryce Bortscheller and Darian Jones were building. The seed for the idea was planted more than 10 years ago when […]

The Business Record’s 2022 innovationENTREPRENEUR Award recipient is Pursuit of Innovation 515 founder and Executive Director Nancy Mwirotsi.  Mwirotsi started an after-school dance group for local girls and in 2014 transitioned it to the early version of Pi515. The education nonprofit teaches underserved youths technology skills and empowers them to explore and pursue science, technology, […]

How Fairfield, a rural southeast Iowa community, has spurred innovation Fairfield, Iowa’s history is one that other Iowans may not know well. Among its interesting facts: The Fairfield Public Library is the first prototype of the Carnegie library, of which there are now 2,700 around the world; the company that developed the international symbol that […]

Rural artists seeking more awareness and resources In the economic recovery from the pandemic, the arts and culture industry was one of the hardest hit — the arts economy was responsible for 4.2% of the GDP in 2020 but contracted at nearly twice the rate of the economy as a whole, according to new data […]